The endeavour of the National Law University and Judicial Academy is to pursue excellence in the fields of legal education and research. The University aims at securing a holistic development of the student community by adhering to social ethics and values. The University expects that all the students, the faculty and the non-teaching staff shall adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct. The University also recognizes the indispensability of statutory provisions in this regard.
The University takes serious cognizance of the acts of academic and professional misconduct that include cheating on academic exercises, plagiarism, misrepresentation and interference of any kind. The University tries its best to create a healthy environment of honesty, sincerity and mutual respect among the faculty and students. There is no scope for the students to indulge in political activities inside the campus. Evidence of indulgence in any political activity inside the campus is considered as an act of gross indiscipline and shall therefore be very strictly dealt with.

The NLUJA is a residential University. Therefore every student shall remain in the campus during the study hours and he/she shall not leave the campus without the prior permission of the Authorities.

The minimum commended core values of the University include the following:

1.         Honesty
2.         Integrity
3.         Truthfulness
4.         Hard work
5.         Compassion
6.         Non-Violence
7.         Mutual Respect
8.         Communal Harmony
9.         Freedom of Thought and Expression
10.       Tolerance
11.       Professional Development