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About us :

Corporate law is already an important area of law which is growing at an incredible pace in India. The focus of the Central Government to bring in companies to play a key role in economic development of the country is reflected from various schemes undertaken such as the 'Make in India', 'Skill India' etc. All these initiatives have increased the need of dynamic and skilled professionals who can cater the needs of these companies to smoothly establish themselves in the complex system of laws in India. The recent Companies Act, 2013 had been enacted to further carry on this initiative of the Government and incorporate the recent trends in the corporate law. It has great prospects of development in the national as well local level especially with the government at both national and state level promoting investment. There has been lot of amendments in the area of corporate law and its very important to focus on the impact and implementation in different parts of the country. Special attention should be developed for the North East region of India as it has great potential of development in the near future.

Corporate law as an academic discipline also has a great potential for the growth and research in corporate law. Lot of research needs to be done in various aspect of corporate law which is already lagging behind. Effort should be made to draw attention of the people to consider the corporate as an area of research. This responsibility lies on the academic institutions to draw out different modalities which can develop corporate law as a subject as well as a vibrant discipline of research.

With the above mentioned objectives, The National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam has proposed to establish a Centre on Corporate Law and Governance which will cater to the activities needed to focus on various aspects of corporate law, especially in the North East. The focus area of the Centre will be to develop Corporate Law as a vibrant academic discipline. The Centre will try to further these programmes and work with different agencies and institutions focus on corporate issues in the northeast region. NLU Assam as being the only National Law university in the northeast region, has a unique advantageous position. The institution has already the basic facilities for working and research on the area and a centre will help in focusing and fast tracking the work in this area.

Focus Areas:

The centre will conduct research, workshops, seminars and capacity building programmes for the academicians, entrepreneurs, students and other interested individuals and companies in the ever-emerging areas of corporate law.

Area of research:

  1. Commercial Contracts
  2. Company Takeovers
  3. Corporate Governance
  4. Capital Markets and Insurance Law
  5. Regulation of Securities Offerings
  6. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.
  7. Merger and Acquisitions
  8. Start-up and MSME related laws
  9. Competition Law


Apart from academic development, the Centre will focus on various other activities in the corporate sector. Some of them are given as under:

  1. Provide research work and consultancy services to government, non-government and other agencies, both National and regional, in policy research and implication.
  2. To build functional and professional linkages with government agencies and non-government organization in North Eastern Region and other parts of the country.
  3. Build corporate law database for effectively networking between all stakeholders and build corporate Law community.