About Centre

Intellectual creativity and innovation is a continuous process. The IP law is a global phenomenon in the twenty first century which gets enrichment from IP protection and recognition. The North East region of India is an unexplored virgin territory in terms of IP driven research and policy endeavours of the Government, private sectors, NGOs, think tanks etc. be it at the National or the International level. NLU, Assam which is the lone premier law school at the heart of the seven North Eastern States can become the focal centre for IP related activities. North East region is the hotspot of biological diversity and well known for its indigenous traditional knowledge. Since ministry of commerce has selected NLUJA Assam for establishing IPR chair, CARIP will act as a sister organisation and work in accordination with IPR chair.



To be the IP knowledge hub and to create awareness, generate interest, foster innovation, creativity and capacity building through focused study, to help local indigenous community with its rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage through IP, research and community outreach programmes.




Provide advisory services to government, non-government and other agencies, both National and International, in policy research and implication.

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Build IPR law database for effectively networking between all stake holders and build IPR Law community.

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To build functional and professional linkages with government agencies and non-government organization in India as well as North Eastern Region and at International levels.

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To conduct outreach programmes in the form of workshops, training programmes, seminars, conferences on various areas of IPR.

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Offer Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights under Distance Education Programme.

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Capacity Building Programme.

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Awareness on IPR.

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On line courses, projects, consultancy, IP facilitation services.

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Scope of the Activities

1. Teaching:

The National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam (NLUA) is the only National Law University in the North-East region, which has been established to promote quality legal education and conduct the cutting edge research on thriving issues of Law, Social Science and Humanities. The CARIP dedicates for the research on IPR & and emerging forms of intellectual property in  terms of Indian Law and policy as well as new international demands and trends.

LL.B Course:

The National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam offer unique five year integrated undergraduate programme B.A.LL.B (Hons.) and One year LL.M programme to generate especially skilled global legal professionals. These integrated programs offer highly demanding honours courses in various facets of law such as Intellectual Property Law International law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, and Business Law.
The CARIP will be a unique resource bank and source of practical learning for undergraduate students having a flair for IP to hone them for a successful career in IP law.

  • LLM Course:

  • The CARIP will coordinate Postgraduate Students specialization in IPR. The Centre focus on the study of existing and emerging forms of intellectual property in terms of Indian law and policy as well as new international demands and trends. Besides the Centre also discuss the philosophical foundations of recognising intellectual property rights, its relation with public interest and socio-economic development and the demands and compulsion of international trade.
    The Centre also creates the data base of case laws and updates on new form of IPR and IP policy. The centre also helps to student to provide practical understanding about the importance of IPR and awareness of the need to protect new knowledge generated by obtaining IP rights.

  • Ph. D Research Supervision:

  • The CARIP will engage Ph.D. scholars in its research project works and other ancillary IP related matters.

  • Distance Education Course:

  • The Centre will provide/assist distance education programme, one year post graduate Diploma on IPR, by providing study material, recent update to understand the current developments in IP laws on its own website, well devised online examination module.

The centre will be publishing two journals annually viz. JOURNAL ON ADVANCED RESEARCH ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS and e-Journal on ADVANCED RESEARCH ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS with an ISSN number and peer reviewed by the Editorial board of the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam. The Primary objective is to serve as an important academic forum for legal scholars on IPR matters and to engage in cutting edge research and study on IPR.
The Centre also aims to come up with a monthly newsletter which provides recent update on the recent judicial pronouncement by the Supreme Court of India and the High Courts, International Cases, Articles, websites offering access to IP Judicial Dictum and an overview of the opportunities in IPR for higher education. The Centre plans to publish books on importance of Intellectual Property and Awareness Programme on Intellectual Property Rights for students as well as stake holders from the Industry.

  • Focus on Local issues like Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions-
    The North East region has a varied, distinct cultural heritage and traditional knowledge which screams for protection and registration as IP rights. The Centre works for the enforcement of the rights conferred under various legislations especially Copyright, Geographical Indication, Patents, Trademarks and Traditional Knowledge.

  • The Centre aims to conduct research about the traditional knowledge and its IP protection.

  • To provide in-depth understanding on the Patents, Geographical Indication ,Trademark and

Design for the procedure of obtaining protection of the trademark, biological diversity laws and implementation.


Training, Workshop, Seminar, Conference-
The Centre aims to organize training and Capacity Building programme on Intellectual Property Rights and Awareness programme in north east region.
The Centre’s objective is to (a) create awareness on the need to protect newly discovered knowledge by gaining IP rights and to determine ownership of IP; (b) provide appropriate technology, professional and legal expertise to assist in filing or patent, design, and trademarks in India as well as abroad; (c) encourage and provide support to universities and other institutions for protecting and commercializing new knowledge generation with government and private agencies.

Target Areas of IP:
Geographical Indication Authorized users
Agricultural practitioners
IP law practitioners/ patent and trademarks agent
Academician (local University/ college in North East)

Target Group
Geographical Indication Authorized users
Indigenous people/communities
Inventors, entrepreneurs, business
Performers & artists
NGOs, Universities, Government sectors, Judiciary
Agricultural practitioner
IP Law Practitioners / Patent and Trademark Agents
MSME (North East Region)
Law Students

One stop resource data base: -The website of CARIP is to provide research inputs on Intellectual property rights by Indian and foreign courts judgments, a number of well researched and innovative articles, highlighting recent trend and developments in Intellectual property. The Centre also highlights issues to focus on the IPR needs of developing countries.

Realising that international experience with foreign universities has become exceedingly important for law students, the Centre make efforts to create opportunities for the students to explore the new and innovative form of IPR by entering into MoU with Government departments,eminent Law Schools and Universities abroad.
The Centre plans to sign an MOU with International organizations like WIPO & WTO for research in IPR especially Traditional Knowledge, Cultural Expression, Geographical Indication, Genetic Resources and Biological Diversity.

The Centre facilitates authorized users’ filling of GI, provides assistance to the Inventors in filing the Patent, facilitating creator of the protection of Copyright and act as a nodal IP facilitation centre for the entire North Eastern region of the country.The Centre facilitates assistance in IP Commercialization for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise in the North-east region in IP Valuation, IP Strategy, IP Business, IP Agreements and ABS Mechanism.